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Mold Inspection Services in Bald Head, NC

Are you concerned that your home might be infested with mold? It can be a difficult problem to pinpoint because no one ever really teaches you how to spot black mold. Most people do not even know that mold is growing at their property until a certified mold inspector notifies them that it exists. If mold goes undetected, it will continue to grow and spread throughout your property.

If you live in Bald Head, NC, and you are looking to have your property inspected for mold, the professionals at AWA Environmental can assist you. Mold presents itself in different ways and various places, depending on geographic location. As a mold inspection company that has a lot of familiarity with North Carolina, we understand what to look for in Bald Head. Our attention to detail and ability to pinpoint even the slightest presence of mold make us experts in the field.

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Mold Remediation vs Mold Inspection in Bald Head, NC

It’s important to understand the difference between mold inspections and remediators. Mold inspections are sometimes confused with remediators, but they are two very distinct processes.

A inspection is a procedure intended to locate mold and understand the extent of the situation. Mold remediation, on the other hand, is the process of removing mold. Inspectors analyze and view the scene, while remediation experts eliminate and remove the mold. Inspections come first, followed by remediation.

To be clear, AWA Environmental only conducts mold inspections. There is a conflict of interest that arises when a mold remediation company performs the mold inspection. A free mold inspection is not what it seems. The mold remediation company performing a free mold inspection has something to gain from telling you have mold. At AWA Environmental, you can be sure that we are giving you an unbiased mold inspection.

Think of it as a small-scale system of checks and balances. When you hire the mold inspection experts at AWA Environmental, you can trust us to test your property whether you hire us for a mold inspection, to test for mVOCs, or mycotoxins. Our trained team of inspectors will always provide a conclusive follow-up inspection after a mold removal company has removed the mold from the premises. That way, we can promise that the mold has been cleared from your property in entirety.

Mold can cause serious long-term health problems. From slight trouble breathing to full-on asthmatic symptoms, and irritated eyes to sore throats, mold can become extremely dangerous to the well-being of you and your loved ones.

Extended exposure to mold will also cause deterioration of the foundation and architectural structure of your home. After a short while, the physical effects of mold on your house can quickly become irreversible. For these reasons, and many others, it is necessary that you reach out to AWA Environmental as soon as you suspect that mold might be the cause.

  • IAC2 Certified

AWA is the right choice when it comes to the safety of you and your family


Comprehensive Mold Inspection

AWA will send one of our inspector’s that are all licensed in the state of North Carolina out to your home. If remediation is necessary, the inspector will recommend professional remediation and can provide protocol if necessary.


Mold Remediation & Removal

You’ll have a licensed mold remediation company in the state of Texas come to your home and perform mold removal.


Pass a Post Remediation Inspection

AWA will send to your home one of our inspector’s that are licensed in the state of North Carolina to come out and perform a post remediation clearance inspection to verify the work is complete.


Receive Certificate of Mold Damage Remediation

Upon your home passing the post remediation clearance inspection, AWA will issue a Certificate of Mold Damage Remediation.

Our Expert Mold Inspection Procedure

The process that we incorporate into our inspections is comprised of five individual steps. First, we inspect the property during our thorough and comprehensive visual inspection. As we walk through the areas of concern, we pay close attention to every possible corner and crevice where mold could possibly grow.

From there, we conduct an analytical moisture reading. Essentially, this is a test that tells us the exact level of moisture in the air. With the help of high-calibrated moisture meters, the professionals at AWA Environmental can taking a reading of the property’s moisture levels. Higher levels of moisture imply a greater risk for mold. Water, dew, and humidity each play a role in moisture levels, so we take all three into consideration when performing moisture readings.

We then take an air sample, followed by a surface sample. The air sample shows us any information that we cannot see with our eyes alone. Mold is not always visible, so we make sure to test your air quality for potential hazards. We send air samples from inside and outside of your home to biologists who then review the results of our samples in accredited labs.

Our surface sampling method is for the same purpose. By taking adhesive tape and pressing it against the mold, we can secure a sample of mold on the surface of your property. We also send this sample to the labs for mold testing.

The purpose behind these three samples in particular is to help us better understand what is causing the mold. There are many contributing factors to unwanted mold growth in Bald Head, NC, two of which are heightened levels of water vapor and the presence of rainwater that spills into a building from outdoors. By gathering samples, we are able to measure different variables and identify the root cause of the mold.

We summarize all of the information that we’ve gathered and compile it into a final report, which we share with you. At AWA Environmental, we are always willing to take more samples on top of the automatic moisture, air, and surface samples. Please know there is an additional fee for any sampling beyond the ones that are included in our comprehensive inspection.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment or ask questions about your situation. With our speedy response time, you’ll have an answer within minutes. We’ll let you know how we can help you improve your air quality and better your environment overall. At AWA Environmental, our goal is to make sure that your Bald Head, NC, property your property is thoroughly inspected for mold.

COMPREHENSIVE Visual Inspection
Upon arrival we start with routine questions to help guide in our inspection. We start by looking for signs of water damage or visual growth, we then make recommendations based upon our findings of the property.

Moisture Reading
We use highly calibrated moisture equipment to find if any areas within the building envelope are registering higher then normal. This is important because mold needs moisture to grow.

Air sampling
Air sampling is great method when checking for mold whether you don't see but suspect it or you see it and want to know how much of an effect it's have on your air quality. This is done to evaluate the quality of air in your home or building to make sure levels are within acceptable levels. Each air cassette has a glass slide in it which traps mold spores we then send that cassette off to a lab to be analyzed and quantified for the number of spores and differentiation to what type of spores are present. We always take one sample outside as a control or essentially baseline.
Surface sample
A surface is taken using a swab or a sticky tape, this is done when an unknown growth is found and needs to be evaluated for if and what type of mold it is.

Bulk sampling
Bulk sampling is when a piece of material in the building or home is removed and sent in to the lab for analysis. This could be carpet, a piece of drywall, or upholstery.

AWA Environmental did a great job for us! They were timely and very thorough. I received a copy if the lab report which substantiated the existence of mold as well as describing the type and amount. I would highly recommend AWA to anyone who suspects mold.
Dolores Lackey
I had a great experience with AWA Environmental. The mold inspection was very professional. I had allergies driving me crazy for a few months and I suspected my home had mold.AWA was able to get out to my house very fast. They found black mold underneath my two of my sinks that I never noticed! Thank you AWA!!!
David Jacobs
I had Adam from AWA come out and inspect my home. He was very informative and patient in helping me understand the entire process. The work he did was thorough and I received my results in a very timely manner. I would definitely recommend this company and will be using them again in the future.
Haley Pennington
Will was thorough and professional. Would recommend AWA Environmental for anyone in the Houston area looking for a mold inspection.
Andrew Schmeerbauch
My experience with AWA was easy and professional. Mr.Will Bench answered all my questions with easy and not once was bothered. As a new home owner things can get confusing and frustrating. I can honestly say I came in frustrated with all that was going into play and left bliss with just Will being accommodating and cool. Thank you Will!!!!!
Juliet Lopez
AWA has been keen to coordinate the most efficient and cost effective protocols with the client and remediator. Their services not only provide effective mold detection and remediation protocols but also try to work with the homeowers/remediator to minimize the impact of mold remediation protocols on their homeowner's lives.
John Rydlund
AWA Mold inspectors are very professional and pleasant to work with. The service response is very prompt! Highly recommend this company.
Tejano Center for Community Concerns, Inc
Adam Horas with AWA Environmental is a true professional. I had to coordinate a mold inspection on a property I own in the Houston area and Adam went out of his way to accommodate me. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. I highly recommend AWA Environmental for their expertise in the field as well as the outstanding customer service they provide. This is an OUTSTANDING company and Adam will take great care of you!
Hap Fairhart