Certified Mold Inspectors in Ladue, Missouri

AWA Environmental is a locally-owned mold inspection and testing company, committed to ensuring the health and safety of our clients and their families by inspecting and advising them about indoor mold.

We provide comprehensive mold inspection and detection services for your home, apartment or commercial buildings in MO using cutting edge tools for professional mold inspections and providing comprehensive mold inspection and testing services, including moisture readings, air sampling, and surface sampling with a keen eye towards great customer service.

Homes around Missouri are more affected by mold due to increased moisture.  We take pride in our work and understand the unique challenges our customer face in indoor air quality.  We understand and value the trust you put in us when inspecting your home or business and provide you with peace of mind in keeping both your home and your family healthy and safe.

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Why You Want an Inspection Performed Before Removal

There are two separate segments of the mold industry: the mold remediation companies and the mold inspection and testing companies. They are not competitors. The two work together to resolve your mold problem. Not only is it considered unethical for the mold remediation company to do the inspection, but in some states, it is actually against the law. In fact, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has weighed in: “Sampling for mold should be conducted by professionals who have specific experience in designing mold sampling protocols, sampling methods, and interpreting results.” You need to be confident in the inspection protocol and results, and that can only happen when the inspection is conducted without a conflict of interest.

If you sense or see mold, the first line of defense is the mold inspection company who will determine the species of mold, the extent of the problem and the most efficient and effective procedures for the mold remediation company to follow. Knowing how far the mold has spread is critical to the remediation process. If too small an area is treated, the job is going to have to be done all over again in the near future, which leaves you needing to deal with the inconvenience of remediation again and which increases your cost. If too large an area is treated, you have incurred unnecessary costs. The inspection company’s report ensures that you pay no more than is necessary and that the work is done properly the first time.

The mold inspection includes taking samples of outdoor and indoor air, materials and surfaces to evaluate the air quality. Mold releases thousands of spore into the air. The analyses of the samples determines the degree of contamination of the air in your home. This data allows the inspector to determine the size of the area needing remediation. (And you are likely to be shocked at how much mold you have been living with.)

The mold inspector will also go over the whole house with a moisture sensor to find the exact spot(s) where water is seeping into the house, whether visible, such as water in the basement, or invisible, as many roof leaks are. You will know exactly what has to be repaired before remediation. To have remediation done without the source of the mold eliminated is a fruitless, and expensive, project.

The inspector will also check to see if the ground slopes toward or away from your home, if there are cracks in the foundation, what the material of the roof is, if there are areas of the home that are excessively humid and if your HVAC is properly maintained.

The mold inspection company can work with the remediation company throughout the project and do the post-remediation inspection.

AWA is the right choice when it comes to the safety of you and your family

Comprehensive Mold Inspection

AWA will send one of our inspector’s that are all licensed in the state of [state] out to your home. If remediation is necessary, the inspector will recommend professional remediation and can provide protocol if necessary.

Mold Remediation & Removal

You’ll have a licensed mold remediation company in the state of Texas come to your home and

Pass a Post Remediation Inspection

AWA will send to your home one of our inspector’s that are licensed in the state of Texas to remediation clearance inspection to verify the work is complete.

Receive Certificate of Mold Damage Remediation

Upon your home passing the post remediation clearance inspection, AWA will issue a Certificate of Mold Damage Remediation.

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Dolores Lucky
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Adam Horas with AWA Environmental is a true professional. I had to coordinate a mold inspection on a property I own in the Houston area and Adam went out of his way to accommodate me. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I highly recommend AWA Environmental for their expertise in the field as well as the outstanding customer service they provide. This is an OUTSTANDING company and Adam will take great care of you!
David Jacobs
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I had a great experience with AWA Environmental. The mold inspection was very professional. I had allergies driving me crazy for a few months and I suspected my home had mold. AWA was able to get out to my house very fast. They found black mold underneath my two of my sinks that I never noticed! Thank you AWA!!!
Dr. Bennie Bellvin
Dr. Bennie Bellvin
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My inspector showed up on time will all of the proper equipment. He explained in great detail the processes and procedures in advance and was able to complete his assessment efficiently. Furthermore, Adam got me the results back quick so that I could move forward with my project.
Ashley Heinaman
Ashley Heinaman
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I would recommend AWA Environmental to anyone! They answered every single one of our questions and were very professional. Adam and Will both knew exactly what they were doing and walked us through the process. We needed an inspection last minute and they were able to fit us in immediately! We also received our test results within a timely manner. Marlo and I have nothing but good things to say about this company!
Thania Carpio
Thania Carpio
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Excellent service!!! From the very first phone call they are so polite. Mr. Will Bench has been fantastic, I have asked him questions, and then the same questions more than once and not once was I ever made feel like I was bothersome. Very professional, I absolutely recommend them. Not only answered all my questions, and are polite, but they actually LISTEN to your worries and concerns. Very fast response, communication to me is a must and it's on point. They checked all boxes definitely 5 stars... wish I could rate more than 5 honestly. Thank You !!!!!!!