It sounds simple enough: You can prevent mold by keeping your home dry. Not all that simple though. There are so many places that can get wet that keeping on top of them all can be a daunting task. But by doing what you can, taking those few extra minutes can save time, trouble and expense as well as protect your health. You know your own home and what you need to watch out for, but here are some examples:

· Dry up any wet spots immediately, such as in the basement after a heavy rain or when a pipe bursts, in the attic when the roof leaks, wall/tile after a shower, and the like.
· Make sure pipes or appliances (refrigerator, a/c, washer) are not leaking.
· Don’t let materials stay wet: towels, washed clothing, carpets.
· Reduce the humidity in your home with a dehumidifier; change filter regularly.
· Wipe up condensation on pipes and windows and check sills for puddles.
· Make sure window frames are properly sealed.
· Air out the home: Open doors and windows weather permitting.
· Use exhaust fans to circulate air in moist areas: basement, crawl space, bathroom, kitchen and laundry room.
· Don’t allow dust to accumulate.
· Keep rain gutters clear of debris


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