Mold and mildew have their similarities. Both are fungi that thrive in warm moist areas and can be found on a variety of household surfaces.

They differ in color and texture. Mildew tends to be a fluffy or powdery white or gray. While there are molds that are white or gray, it more often is a fuzzy or slimy green, black or orange. Mold is also considerably larger than mildew, which can be treated easily and inexpensively with a specialized cleaner and a scrub brush. Mold is extremely difficult to eliminate, it can be very expensive, and it’s dangerous to attempt on your own. It’s a job for professionals. We’ve already seen what a health hazard mold is; mildew may cause some mild allergic reactions or occasional coughing—nothing severe. Also, mildew isn’t a “home wrecker.” It doesn’t damage surfaces. Mold, on the other hand, can wreak havoc with your home and cause serious structural damage.

Before you starting cleaning up that ugly patch you’ve just discovered, you have to know if it’s mold or mildew. Call in the experts at AWA Environmental who can determine what it is your dealing with.


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