When Pipes Burst

What To Do When Your Pipes Burst 

As if the pandemic wasn’t startling enough, it seems as though worldly stresses are not likely to stop completely. The state of Texas and all of its residents have grappled with severe winter storms. While Missouri and New York are no stranger to pipe bursts, having sporadic damage every year affecting homes and businesses.  Freezing temperatures can even affect states such as North and South Carolina.

Usually, record-breaking weather is impressive, but the effects of the winter storms in Texas, New York, Missouri, Illinois, California, North Carolina, and South Carolina have been nothing but heartbreaking. Winter weather can be devastating but the experts at AWA Environmental are here to help you know what to do in an emergency citation. 


5 Steps to Follow If Your Pipes Burst 

If you notice that your pipes have burst, it’s important to follow these five steps in order to avoid further damage to your property. 

  1. Turn off Your Water
  2. Notify Your Insurance Company Immediately 
  3. Begin the Dry Out Process 
  4. Hire a Professional Mitigation Team 
  5. Call AWA Environmental to Make Sure the Dry Out Process is Complete


At AWA Environmental, we conduct our assessments with high quality and professionalism. By incorporating moisture meters and thermal imaging tools, we can fully ensure that everything has been completely dried. 

From there, we begin conducting what is called a visual assessment. Essentially, this is our opportunity to analyze the area, take a moisture survey, complete the entire mold inspection process, and notify the customers if there is any mold on their property. 

We also take it a little further by checking for potential mold growth as well. 


What to Expect When Hiring AWA Environmental for Your Home Assessment

Hiring the team at AWA Environmental will make the dry-out process a lot easier for you, especially if you are a homeowner, building owner, landlord, property manager, water mitigation company, or remediation service provider. We conduct the for your property. 

With our help, you can show proof to the insurance companies that the home is just fine. We are a reputable source that will provide a second opinion, therefore making the claim that the house is mold-free more authoritative and reliable. 

We ensure that mold is neither currently present nor in the process of growing either. By inspecting the surroundings and conducting our tests, we will give you the all-clear as far as mold goes. 

In addition to making sure mold will not grow as a result of a pipe burst, we can also test to make sure that new bacteria has not been introduced inside the home, too. This is a preventative measure that we take in the off chance new bacteria has entered your home.


Contact AWA Environmental Immediately for Assistance 

At AWA Environmental, we will always prioritize the health and safety of your home. As an environmental solutions inspection company, we find solutions for a wide variety of problems that arise in our customers’ homes.

Whether your pipes burst in Houston or your hot water tank bursts in St. Louis, MO or home was flooded in New York or pipe burst from an earthquake in Los Angeles, CA or a hurricane causes the pipes to burst in Wilmington, NC. AWA Environmental is here to assist you with all kinds of water damage to your property. But that’s not all we can do for you. 

The experts at AWA Environmental are well equipped in handling all sorts of weather-related damage. Has the freezing temperatures caused your pipes to burst in New York? Did the last earthquake cause water damage in your building in Los Angeles? Are you unsure if your Austin property is safe to live in after the winter storm? Has your house in North Carolina or South Carolina been affected by hurricanes in the past five years? Is your house in Houston at risk of growing mold due to water damage?  Are you concerned mold is growing in your walls from pipe leaks in St. Louis? 

All of these are questions and problems that we have the answers and solutions for. Please don’t hesitate to call us at AWA Environmental. The sooner you dial the sooner we can schedule an appointment and determine how to best assess the damage. 

Our phone lines are available 24/7 so you can call us any day at any time. 


What Happened in Texas?  Results of a wide spread power outage during sub freezing temps.

Winter Storm Uri in February 2021 impacted many parts of Texas, particularly cities such as Houston, Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, and Corpus Christi. The biggest problem of all is that Texas was not accustomed to such low temperatures and high levels of snowfall. As a result, the people living in Texas did not have adequate resources to handle the snowstorm.  Pipe bursts are a common yet unfortunate occurrence that happens when temperatures drop like they did in Texas.

While the 1982 blizzard was the worst in St. Louis’s history, the most recent blizzard happened in 2011. Every year thousands of homes, apartments, and commercial buildings are affected by pipe bursts from freezing temperatures. 

If you live in North or South Carolina you are no stranger to hurricanes and pipe bursts in the winter. Wilmington, Myrtle Beach, Jacksonville and even as far inland as Fayetteville were affected by Hurricane Florence in 2019. 

Upstate New York faces some of the harshest and coldest winters on the east coast. A nor’easter storm on December 16th, 2020 in Binghamton, NY dumped a whooping 41 inches of snow. Oneonta, NY was hit with 31 inches of snow in March 2017.  Making it difficult for emergency responders and contractors to get to the people needing help with the pipe bursts. 

About 30 earthquakes a day occur in Southern California, many below a 2 on the Richter scale. In 2014 A 5.1 on the Richter scale earthquake hit La Habra causing millions of dollars in damage to buildings and water lines.  With these earthquakes occurring so frequently in Los Angeles hopefully these 5 tips help keep your family dry.

Many people are still struggling to bounce back from the weather, with one of the most detrimental side effects being the damage to their personal property.

We hope you and your family are holding up okay. 

We look forward to hearing from you, and we can’t wait to service your property so that you can go back to living life safe and sound.

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