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Safety of you, your family, and your home are our #1 priority.

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Safety of you, your family, and your home are our #1 priority
Mold is a type of fungus that lives almost everywhere there is moisture, oxygen, and organic matter. Mold plays an important role in nature as it helps decompose organic material. However, mold found indoors can cause health problems, as well as structural problems to buildings.
The short answer is moisture. Any water exposed or available in the home can be utilized to grow mold. This can come in the form of humidity or a water leak. Leaks can come from plumbing sources, roofs, or exterior windows and walls. Humidity can become an issue when your home’s HVAC system is not regulating moisture properly. These are only a couple of the common ways moisture is let out in the home for mold to develop, but as inspectors we take great care with inspecting all areas of the home and all possible sources of mold growth.
It can grow anywhere there is a water source and food source. Food sources can include drywall, wood framing, and cloth materials or anything with cellulose. Bathrooms and kitchens are commonplaces of growth due to access of plumbing sources. Since water can penetrate many different building materials, it is common to find mold wherever there has been water damage in the home.
Any sight of mold is considered to be a problem. Mold is not meant to grow in homes, so the first sight of mold should be your first warning that there is problem. Mold does not grow on its own without a food and water source, as mentioned above, so it is extremely important to determine the cause of mold growth as soon as it is noticed. Some examples of larger functions failing that produce mold are plumbing leaks or improperly run HVAC system. Either way, it is important to not take the first sight of mold lightly as this can be a turning point in getting ahead of further spreading.

As much as we would like to quiet the fears and anxieties of our customers, we do not operate as medical professionals that can determine or diagnose whether you have been exposed to mold. If you believe you are suffering from mold-related health conditions, we strongly recommend that you consult a medical professional immediately.

As inspectors, we will do our best to identify any conditions of mold so that your health professional has the best information possible to treat any mold-related illnesses. Additionally, we want you to feel safe in your home and will do our best to remedy any mold issues suspected in your home or dwelling.

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