Mold Inspection Services

Upon arival we start with routine questions to help guide in our inspection. We start by looking for signs of water damage or visual growth, we then make recommendations based upon our findings of the property.

We use highly calibrated moisture equipment to find if any areas within the building envelope are registering higher then normal. We take the water content reading then add in the dew point and humidity reading as to get you the most accurate moisture reading. This is important because mold needs moisture to grow.

Air sampling is done when no mold is visible inside the home or building but mold growth is suspected. This is done to evaluate the quality of air in your home or building to make sure levels are within acceptable levels. Each air cassette has a glass slide in it which traps mold spores we then send that cassette off to a lab to be analyzed and quantified for the number of spores and differentiation to what type of spores are present. We always take one sample outside as a control or essentially baseline.

A surface is taken using a swab or a sticky tape, this is done when an unknown growth is found and needs to be evaluated for if and what type of mold it is.

Bulk sampling is when a piece of material in the building or home is removed and sent in to the lab for analysis. This could be carpet, a piece of drywall, or upholstery.