How Much Does A Mold Inspection Cost?

With more than 400,000 different types of mold out there in the world, the odds are pretty good that you are inevitably going to have to deal with a mold problem at some point in time.

The real trick is determining just how serious a mold infestation is, determining how dangerous it is, and figuring out how to best eradicate those mold spores ASAP. The only way to understand exactly what you’re dealing with as a homeowner or a commercial property owner is to have a proper mold inspection taking care of by professionals like our own.

But just how much does a mold inspection cost and what’s involved?

We tackle all of that below!

A Quick Overview Our Mold Inspection Process and Its Importance

Our expert technicians will come in and diagnose every square inch of your property to better understand the kind of mold you are dealing with, the amount of mold you are dealing with, and the severity of your issues.

From there, a proper plan of action for getting rid of your mold – and making sure that it never comes back again in the future – will be drawn up and you’ll be good to go.

Mold inspections are the ONLY way to know exactly what you’re up against, which is why we recommend them when you are nervous about the condition of your property.

To learn a little bit more about the types of mold inspection services we offer, as well as how much a mold inspection is going to cost, let’s dive right in to the rest of this quick guide!

A Variety Of Different Inspection Solutions Are Available

One of the most important things to understand about mold is that it isn’t ever going to present itself the exact same way every single time it starts to take hold in a home a property.

Sometimes you’ll be able to see mold growing underneath sinks, and dark corners in your basement, or anywhere that the moisture and humidity levels allow mold spores to grow out of control. If you have already seen, a comprehensive visual inspection with two sample we send off to a lab from our technicians can be taken advantage of (for $350) to find out exactly what you are up against.

Two different samples will be taken by our technicians during this visual inspection to determine the type of mold growth you are contending with. As we highlighted above, more than 400,000 different types of mold have been discovered and classified – some of them completely harmless and others dangerous and even deadly if left unchecked.

Of course, not all mold can be detected visually.

This is especially true of mold infestations that are growing inside the framing of your walls, mold infestations that haven’t begun to spiral out of control or explode in population and mold infestations that are in the dark and tucked away corners of your property that are almost impossible to inspect visually.

This is where our ability to leverage advanced modern mold detection technology comes into play.

Utilizing Moisture Meters as well as Thermal Imaging Cameras to “x-ray” every square inch of your property, our technicians are going to be able to analyze not only the surfaces in your home but also the air as well.

After a visual inspection has concluded we recommend moving forward with a more in-depth testing protocol. If you’re wondering “how much does a mold inspection cost with all this work and technology involved”, don’t worry – we do our best to manage expenses as much as possible so that you don’t have to worry about breaking your bank account to keep your home and your loved ones safe

For residential properties this kind of testing runs about $350, with two samples taken to confirm details regarding the mold growing in your home. For commercial properties, this type of testing runs around $500 – again with two different samples taken to confirm the information our labs.

Additional Samples May Be Necessary

Depending upon the preliminary results we get from our lab technicians further samples may need to be taken to really understand exactly what you are up against.

Air-quality samples are collected, allowing our technicians to capture 75 cubic liters of air at a time and identify EVERY single present in your home.

All residential and commercial properties are going to have some level of mold growing in their home – even brand-new construction has these biological entities hiding in nooks and crannies – but the air-quality sample will help determine whether or not you’re dealing with safe levels, elevated levels, or dangerous and potentially deadly levels of mold.

Cavity samples may need to be taken as well. What happens here is the same air pump used for our air-quality sample is connected to a “spore trap” that gives our technicians the ability to analyze mold spores inside of the framing of your home without having to rip walls apart. Combined with our thermal imaging technology, this is what allows us to “x-ray” your home to find out EXACTLY where mold is starting to marshal its forces.

Finally, we may recommend that surface samples are taken.

This is where our technicians would literally scrape off a block of still living mold where it can be accessed, hermetically seal it in a containment vessel, and then more closely monitor and observe the mold and its behavior in our laboratories to double confirm that it is the kind of mold we believe it to be to begin with.

Our samples are sent out to a third-party laboratory for further analysis, and that’s why we charge $75 for each extra sample that needs to be collected. We want to make sure that your home is appropriately analyzed so that we can make the right decision on how best to eliminate mold from your property once and for all.

Closing Thoughts

At the end of the day, our technicians want to do two things when it comes time to figuring out your specific mold situation:

They want to accurately identify the exact kind of mold you’re dealing with as well as understand how bad the infestation is right now as well as how bad it’s likely to get in the immediate and long-term future…

And they want to do so as quickly, as inexpensively, and as unobtrusively as possible – without having to knock down any walls, without having to tear into any construction, and without causing you skyhigh rebuilding fees later down the line.

We are always upfront and honest when our clients want to know “how much does a mold inspection cost” and do our level best to manage and mitigate any unnecessary expenses during our time working together.

We want to make sure that you, your loved ones, and your property are protected today, tomorrow, and beyond – and that all starts by testing ASAP.

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